Classes & Workshops 2020

Upcoming 2020 Classes & Workshop to be held in the Herb Cabin:

Always consult your healthcare provider before trying or using any alternative treatment or herbal remedy. A Simpler Thyme ltd is NOT a healthcare facility. Julia Brown – Certified Master Herbalist is NOT a healthcare provider.

Workshops & Classes are OPEN under recommended COVID-19 guidelines. If you are showing signs or flu like symptoms please refrain from attending. Masks are NOT required, but certainly recommended if you so desire. Thank you!

Gearing up with excitement for 2021!! Watch for event schedules and check A Simpler Thyme ltd out on Facebook! Herbal Blessings! See everyone this Spring!! “Spring has arrived when you can step on one or more daisies! “

October 17, 2020 – Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm

Folklore of the “Witches’ Ball” – Hands on Make & Take

This workshop is a make & take class – all supplies will be provided. Learn the mystery and folklore of the good luck “Witches’ Ball”. These fun filled charms bring blessings to your home and hearth. A suggested donation of $25 per guest will be taken. Space in the herb cabin is limited to 10 guests. Please contact me to save your spot, this is a VERY popular class and will fill up quickly. Thank you!! Love & Light to ALL!

October 9th – Friday evening @ 6:00 pm

An Evening of Connection

Join local Medium and Reiki Master – Ann Ollhoff, for an evening of inspirational enlightenment. Bring a single photo or object of your departed loved one, Ann will use these items to connect with spirit. Come with an open heart and mind to be guided by your angels. A suggested donation of $40 per guest will be taken. Space in the cabin is limited to only 10 guest. Please reserve your spot ahead of time. Light refreshments will be served. Herbal Blessings – Light & Love to All!

Saturday September 19, 2020 – from 1:00 to 3:00 – Children in the Garden

**Rescheduled – Postponed to the Spring of 2021 – due to lack of participation. We will post this event again next year when hopefully more Kiddo’s can join us in the herb garden. THANK YOU!! **

This fun and education workshop is a great introduction to herbs and gardening, for children from ages 5 – 18 years old. We will be hands on in the garden, experiencing the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of the wonderful world of herbs. Parental signed permission is required – a good faith donation will be collected. Space is limited to only 10 children, so please call or private message me to reserve a spot. “One is closer to God in the garden, than any place else on earth”. Herbal Blessings!

Saturday September 12, 2020 – from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm – Chakra & Flow Yoga in the Herb Garden.

Relax in the beauty and calm of the morning for this outdoor yoga class. Learn about the basic 7 chakras and the benefits of grounding. Please bring your own yoga mat and bottle of water. A suggested donation of $20 per guest will be appreciated.

Saturday August 22, 2020 – from 11:00 to 1:00 – Smudge Stick Make & Take

Come learn the history and folklore behind the use of smudge sticks and smudging. In this workshop you will be hands on – making your own personalized smudge stick from a selection of fresh herbs and roses. All materials will be provided for this make it and take it class. A suggested donation of $25 per guest will be appreciated. This workshop is limited to 10 guests only. Please reserve your spot as soon as possible. Thank you!

Saturday June 27, 2020 – from 1:00 to 3:00 – Flower Essence Workshop

This workshop is a make it and take class – Materials will be provided. Explore the idea of working with and utilizing flower essence. This delightful concept is very “Hippie and/or Gypsy” like and is an amazing way to connect with Mother earth and the great outdoors. Come with an open heart and mind to receive the many benefits of creating your very own “flower essence”. A suggested donation of $25 per guest will be appreciated. Space in the herb cabin is limited to only 10 quests, please call or private message Julia Brown to secure your spot. Flower Power!!

Saturday May 30, 2020 – from 11:00 to 1:00 – The Art of Tincture Making

Come learn the time honored practice of tincture making, along with other herbal remedies. Tinctures are a wonderful addition to any home medicine chest. This is a very detailed class and maybe not be suitable for “new herbies” but ALL are certainly welcomed to attend. A suggestion donation of $25 per guest will be greatly appreciated. Class size is limited, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible. Herbal Blessings!!

Saturday March 21, 2020 – from 1:00 – 3:00 – Top 10 Healthful Herbs

With all that is going on in this world currently, I felt compelled to share with you my top 10 herbs for the beginners home medicine chest. We will discuss in detail my top 10 picks! Then we will all take a field trip to Chili Hill’s Naturals bulk herb shop located in Chili, OH. Space is limited in the herb cabin to only 10 students. If you have any cold or flu like symptoms please be considerate of others and PLEASE do not attend. This workshop will be held on a donation basis ONLY – if you are able to contribute that is lovely, however if you are unable to donate, but still want to attend, please do so as my guest. This class is filling up fast! Sign up now to reserve your spot! God Bless and Herbal Blessings to ALL!!

Saturday March 14, 2002 – 1:00 to 3:00 – Springtime Thyme in the Cabin

It’s been a long winter! Come welcome the rebirth of springtime! This will be a jam packed workshop full of spring recipes, ideas, spring cleaning tips, the 1st herbs of spring, making an herbal infusion, planning your herb garden…. and much more!! Space in the cabin is limited, so reserve your spot now! A suggested donation of $25 per guest will be excepted. Light spring refreshments will be served. Herbal Blessings!!

Saturday February 15, 2020 @ 1:00 – Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Grandma was a smart old bird! Come discover the reason why chicken soup does really make you feel better, when you are feeling under the weather. Learn the properties of each component in this time honored remedy. This workshop includes handout and along with a steaming bowl of chicken soup. Space is limited, sign up today! Suggested donation of $25 per guest. IF THE WEATHER CONDITIONS ARE NOT FAVORABLE – THE CLASS WILL BE RESCHEDULED. Herbal Blessings!

Saturday November 9 at 11:00 am – Sprouting 101

Learn the health benefits of sprouting seeds. This is a hands-on workshop and all supplies are provided. Learn how to keep seeds growing all winter long and enjoy their many benefits. Class space is limited so please register in advance. A suggested donation of $25 per guest will be excepted. Light refreshments will be served.

Saturday October 5th at 10:00 a.m. – Good Fortune Witches’ Balls – this is a make and take workshop. Centuries ago, people believed by hanging a clear glass ball filled with herbs and good luck charms in a window or over their fireplace hearth, they would attract prosperity and protection to their homes. Each guest will construct a “witches ball” and learn the folklore and history behind these whimsical orbs! Each guest will also receive a personal tea leaf reading and light refreshments. A suggested donation of $25 per guest will cover this workshop. Seating is limited, please call or message to reserve your spot in the cabin.

Saturday September 7th at 4:00 p.m. – Herbs 101 – herbal information for the beginner. This is an introductory class to cover some of the basic principles of Herbology. Learn the aspects and properties of common kitchen herbs – both medicinally and culinary as well. Light refreshments will be sampled and enjoyed. A suggested donation of $25 will be accepted per guest. Call to reserve your space, seatings is limited.

Saturday August 10th at 10:00 a.m. – Enjoy a 30 minutes yoga session in the herb garden and then pamper yourself with a relaxing chair massage. Followed by a private angel card reading and light herbal refreshments. Please register as soon as possible, space is limited. A suggested $40 donation will be accepted.

Saturday, July 13th at 1:00 – Make and take home an herbal tea blend – “Tea Thyme” in the herb cabin. Learn about the history of tea and enjoy a light herbal tea party. Cost $20 per guest – Please register ahead of time for class – space is limited.

Saturday, July 6th at 1:00 – Make and take home a jar of “Fire Cider” – learn about this amazing and historical remedy. All supplies are provided – light refreshments will be enjoyed. Cost $20 per guest – please register for class. Space is limited.