About A Simpler Thyme ltd.

Julia Brown – Certified Master Herbalist

and Iridology Practitioner

Greetings & Herbal Blessings!

Herbs have been used and considered a valuable resource since ancient times. There are over 100 references to herbs and their significance in the bible. It is my firm belief that our Creator put everything on this good Earth for a reason, herbs being one of those gifts. It is our responsibility to gain the proper knowledge and utilize the many benefits that are locked away in these wonderful plants. It has always been my passion and desire to educate and introduce people to the world of herbs. As a Certified Master Herbalist, I never grow tired of opening one’s heart and mind to the benefit of herbs. But, what is Herbalism? Herbology is the art and science of herbs. Herbalism is truly an art, it is a deep seeded ancestral knowledge that lies dormant in each of us. My duty is to awaken that ancestral spirit to the art and beauty of herbs. And yes …. I love my job. I am truly blessed each time I witness a new “herbie” smell, taste or experience a new herb for the first time. I get to relive my joy thru them! I consider it an honor and privilege to be your Herbal guide on your new journey into the wonderful world of herbs. So, lets’ get started!

I invite you to come visit A Simpler Thyme ltd, in the beautiful rolling hills of Amish country in rural Fresno, Ohio. I live with my husband of thirty years, on 20 wooded acres off the beaten path. I thank God daily for this life that He has given me and I long to share my wisdom with others. With the newly opening herb cabin at A Simpler Thyme ltd., I will be able to do exactly that. By offering classes, workshops, herbal walk & talks, seminars and private consultations. I am very excited about the opening of the new herb cabin and all the opportunity it will provide! I have practiced herbalism for most of my married life but find that you are always open to growth and learning, no matter your age or your situation.

If you were to step back in time, say only 100 years ago, to the time of our great grandmothers, there wasn’t a country farm house that did not have a medicinal herb garden out the back door of the summer kitchen. Our grandmothers didn’t just hop in the car and drive to the nearest Walgreen’s when a family member took ill. No, they tapped into the knowledge that had been handed down from their mothers and grandmothers before them. That ancestral knowledge of herbs and their wondrous uses. Peppermint for an upset stomach, jewel weed for poison ivy, sage for a sore throat and the list goes on and on. You’ve heard, I’m sure your mother say “you are what you eat” she was 100% correct.! As the great Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine) said “food should be your medicine and medicine should be your food”. Simply our food should be our first and best medicine, this includes herbs. Such is the case, they are God given and natural. Plain and simple.

However, you know there is always a “but”….. our government does not acknowledge herbs, herbology or herbalism as a profession or as a medical treatment. The United States of America is one of the only countries that does not acknowledge or honor herbs in any form. Herbs and herbalism are highly utilized and considered common place in Asia and Europe. So, as a Certified Master Herbalist and Iridology Practitioner (more on Iridology later) I do not have a degree or a diploma. Only a certification of my completed works. And that is completely fine! I know my own worth, years of experience and have accreditation to validate my practices and beliefs. It’s only a piece of paper after all, right? So, I’m off my soap box now… onward and upwards, with love and herbal blessings.

As with the use of any herb, consult your healthcare or medical provider before starting or taking any new herb or herbal treatment.