What is Reiki? Pronounced (ray-key) – is a time honored and ancient Japanese technique for stress and anxiety reduction and relaxation. That also promotes healing to both the recipient and the practitioner. It is extremely calming and 100% painless! Reiki is very powerful, yet it is simple and gentle at the same time. The intention of Reiki is to heal the mind – body & soul, with love, light and peace.

The Benefits of Reiki include:

Relieves stress & tension – Reduces anxiety – Relieves depression – Encourages mental clarity – Strengthens self esteem – Heightens self awareness & intuition – Balance energy chakras – Improves sleep – Promotes health & well being – Supports recovery – Aids in pain management…. just to name a few things.

I am excited, honored and humbled to be able to provide private Reiki sessions at A Simpler Thyme ltd in the herb cabin. If you feel that Reiki is a natural healing method that you or a member of your family would benefit from, please contact me to schedule a private session. Sessions range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and start at a suggested donation of $40-$75 accordingly. Each session includes a relaxing pot of herbal tea and an angel card reading if so desired! Herbal Blessings!

Also, for a small added fee, I have a portable Reiki table that I can bring to you! IF you are unable to come experience Reiki here in the herb cabin at A Simpler Thyme ltd, let me bring this uplifting – relaxing – soothing treatment to you!

Always consult your healthcare provider before trying or using any alternative treatment or remedy. A Simpler Thyme ltd is NOT a healthcare facility. Julia Brown – Certified Master Herbalist is NOT a healthcare provider.