What is Iridology? It is the study of the human iris. Much like reflexology of the hands or feet, Iridology is the mapping and reading of the eye. As, God has placed His fingerprint on you, He has outlined the workings and the functions of the human body in the fibers of the eye. Iridology dates back to ancient times and was studied and used in great depth by the Egyptians. It is very interesting and can be amazing accurate, in helping to understand certain strengths and weakness in the body. With a better understanding of your body’s workings, you help to increase your optimal well being and prosperity through herbs and other natural means. Iridology, does NOT however diagnose illness, but rather gives indications of weaknesses and/or injuries that may need to be addressed. It also can give suggested inherent characteristic from your family history. The left eye can show inherent traits from your maternal/ mother’s side, while the right eye shows traits from your paternal / father’s side. Thus giving a good indication of bodily functions and or symptoms that you should be aware of or that may need to be investigated further. By having a reading of the iris, it can give insight into better ways to promote rejuvenation of your over-all health and optimal well being of ones entire body, mind and soul.

As an Iridology Practitioner, I would be humbled by the opportunity to look into your eyes and give my interpretation of your iris reading. It is completely 100% pain free! Using only magnification and light, I am able to see the fibers, layers and patterns of the eye and then give my findings. For more information or to schedule a reading, please contact me.

“The eyes are the window to the soul and a lamp onto the body!”

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